Vi Tool Standalone

Unique IOS7.0.0~IOS7.1.2 password unlocker
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ViTool Standalone

Unique iOS 7.0.0 - iOS 7.1.2 password unlocker.

Standalone tool, can be used without Volcano Box.

ViTool Standalone Description:
This great tool will help you to read 4-digit password on your iPhone & iPad ( running on version iOS 7.0.0 - iOS 7.1.2 ).
Advanced hardware can upgrade its core system with future updates.

ViTool Standalone - Features:

  • ViTool is a standalone solution and does not required Volcano Box
  • This ViTool connects directly to a computer with USB cable
  • Connect USB cable with standalone ViTool, install drivers and run ViTools.exe

Please note! If you purchase ViTool and you have a Volcano Box (connected to a PC), your Volcano Box will automatically updated with Volcano Box Pack 1 (aka Murapi Pack 1)

ViTool Standalone - Package Content: *

  • Vi Tool - 1 pc.
  • Light Sensor Cable - 1 pc.
  • iP4 Power Cable - 1 pc.
  • iP4 Power Cable to Lightning Adapter - 1 pc.

Volcano MerapiTool Free Activatoin for Vitool Users !!

this is for all users who have Vitool and Volcano both .

Please Click here to submit your details.

we will inform you as your activation is done

Vitool Ver 1.5

  • What's new ?
    • Added "Automatic Save"to Default Method's Unlock Button !!

What it is ?

  • During iBF ( Iphone Brute Force ) if somehow your pc get:
    • Hanged
    • Electricity Gone
    • Restarted
    • Mistakenly Shutdown
    • Blue Screen error
    and you are not with your pc then you really don't know what numbers was going from where you have to resume etc.
  • So now you don't have to worry. from
    • Default Method
      • Unlock Button

    we added this Function. Now it will Automatic save your current numberand if somehow pc get distrub/restart etc it will saved last attempted number. so as you put iBF Back. it will ask you to
    • Last unlock operation has not been completed, whether to continue or not?
      • 'YES'
        • 'NO'

    • If you Click on Yes it will Resume from last attempted number
      • if you click on No it will start new calculation

Vitool StandAlone & Vitool for Volcano with Pack1 Activation Details...

Vitool StandAlone & Vitool For Volcano are 100% same !! Both have Nokia N95 Usb Port !! 


Vitool V1.2

What's new ?

  • Added Save & Restore Unlocks
  • Added Desire Calculation Method

What is Save & Restore Unlocks ?

with this feature you can save your current bruteforcing and restore it any other later. whenever iphone is plugged and being bruteFrocing. you got an other iphone which customer knows it's password but his iphone is disabled.

  1. Simply Click on Stop
  2. then Click on Save
  3. Write Name ( for example Jhon's Iphone5c )
  4. this will save it. and now you can do other phone ( you can save as many names/Phones as you want )
  5. after you finish plug that phone again
  6. click on Restore & Unock
  7. Select Name ( which you want to restore )

and it will start again from that point where you saved !!

What is Desire Calculation Method ?

with this feature you can skip any digit as you want. For Example. Customer comes to you and said he remember last 2 digits but not remember 1st 2 digits or he said i remember 1st 1 digit and not remember last 3 digit. you can simply put his remembered numbers and rest places Vitool will Calculate. This will very helpfull to save time.

  • i know last 2 digit of my password but i forget it. let's says they are "XX77"
  • Click on Desire Cal Method
  • now simple Add "77" in Vitool Last digits place
  • and start. now Vitool will calculate only 1st 2 place
  • "X" Digit will be Calculated. if you want to calculate 1st number and rest you know. simply click on
  • "X123"
  • now you can see 3 boxes are writable.
  • Write your remembered last 3 digits ( for example 786 )
  • and click on Run
  • Vitool will only Calculate "X" Place ( 0786 -> 1786 -> 2786...... -> 9786)

  • Normal State
  • PassCode asking State
  • Iphone Disabled State


  • Run Vitool 1.4
  • Connect Vitool with Computer's Port
  • Press Connect Button
  • Now Connect any Iphone with Normal Usb cable to your Computer
  • Vitool Will show IOS ver details of Connected Iphone
  • Make sure Itune & Iphone Drivers are Installed !!


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Vi Tool Standalone
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